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Silber Records came up with the idea of this compilation from a few angles. People have short attention spans, people love ringtones. Most songs are too long. So they put together this collection of songs 30 seconds long & made them available as ringtones. Some of the usual suspects for their compilations, some new friends, plus where else are you going to hear 46 tracks in 23 minutes. So you have no need to push the skip button to get round to the next tracks. You can imagine and handle it as a weird kind of mash-up album, moreover, mash-up artists are usually not interested in such ambitious experimental rock and indie music, they prefer more to be into easy and supeficial sound, though. The artist roster is Electric Bird Noise, Zanzibar Snails, muscle mass, Pacific 231, Ben Link Collins, Rollerball, Thorn1, Promute, Irata, Charles de Mar, Small Life Form, Notorious Jet Set, Lullabier, The Undermasks, Drekka, Sibyll Kalff, Vestirse, Bryce Clayton Eiman, slicnaton, Miss Massive Snowflake, Subscape Annex, Remora, Moodring, IANTH, mwvm, The Collinses, The Velveta Heartbreak, Fires Were Shot, Yellow6, Mahlon Hoard, & Peter Aldrich. ~ Recent Music Heroes

This is a compilation from Silber Records. It is compromised of songs that are all 30 seconds, the logic being that people have short attention spans and songs are too long. Where I don't agree with the songs being too long crack I do really like the concept. Any record label that are cool enough to send us their stuff for free are good by me. Can't wait to hear some more. ~ Veins Dried Out

L'excellent label Silber Records offre une compilation de morceaux de 30 secondes pour en faire des sonneries de téléphone originales. On y retrouve des habitués de la maison (Thorn1, Irata, Drekka, Remora...) mais pas seulement, et ça se passe par ici. Au moins ça aura de la gueule quand votre portable sonnera dans le métro... ~ Dans le Mur du Son

If you’re thoroughly sick of all these artists that take upwards of five minutes to get their message across, then Silber‘s latest compilation is aimed quite pointedly at you. These are not 30 second excerpts, but complete songs all done and dusted in half a minute. What’s the point in that, you might ask? Well of course there’s a point, otherwise who would do it?Anyone who’s even half as indulgent as I am would be well aware of the difficulties faced by such limitations – being short, sharp and to the point is often easier said than done, so I’d think crafting a 30-second track that sounds complete would be quite the challenge – and possibly even a challenge to listen to if you can’t imagine a song sounding fully accomplished when it’s over mere moments after it began.The roster of artists involved in this compilation are: Electric Bird Noise,Zanzibar Snails, Muscle Mass, Pacific 231, Ben Link Collins,Rollerball, Thorn1, Promute, Irata, Charles de Mar, Small Life Form, Notorious Jet Set, Lullabier, The Undermasks, Drekka, Sybill Kalff, Vestirse, Bryce Clayton Eiman, slicnaton, Miss Massive Snowflake, Drekka featuring Thorir Georg, Subscape Annex, Mood Ring, Remora, IANTH, mwvm, The Collinses, The Velveta Heartbreak, Fires Were Shot, Yellow6, Mahlon Hoard, Peter Aldrich.Whether serving as a nice little intro to artists you’ve not heard before or showing a different aspect to ones you have, there’s sure to be something interesting to grab your attention for a while, even if you only have a few minutes to spare to find out. To sweeten the deal, Silber have released this compilation in a variety of formats to suit your whimsy, all of which are available to download for free.You can download the compilation in its entirety from Silber. If you pay a visit to Silber’s page, you’ll also find links to the artist’s websites where available. You can also download individual tracks from If that’s not enough choice for you, head on over to myxer where each track is available to download individually as ringtones – which is nifty. (SATELLITE FOR ENTROPY)

"E che te vuoi inventà più pe risultà, Ivà?", chiedeva disperatamente l'amico coatto di Ivano in Viaggi di Nozze di Carlo Verdone. In effetti ormai nella musica perfino parlare di originalità o di un'idea nuova è quasi sacrilego; fortunatamente gli spunti ogni tanto non mancano, proprio come quello che la Silber Records ci viene a presentare. Dal titolo credo si possa già intuire qualcosa: si tratta di brevissimi morsi di musica di massimo trenta secondi realizzati da diversi artisti, "qualcosa per tutti e niente per nessuno", giustamente nota la press release. Difatti come è lecito aspettarsi ci si trova di tutto, dall'elettronica smozzicata e isterica degli Zanzibar Snails, al carillion scordato e barcollante dei Promute. Ottima la track dei Notorious Jet Set, quasi space rock, e così pure il pianoforte arricchito ascoltato nei Bryce Clayton Elman e, perché no, anche i Rollerball e il pezzo simil-Massive Attack dei Moodring. Quel che ho sempre pensato, è che un grande autore lo riconosci soprattutto dal racconto breve. La stessa cosa in musica è difficilmente applicabile a trenta secondi di durata, questi possono fungere al massimo come due mere pagine di un racconto, insomma davvero poco. In questo la compilation funziona più come curiosità che come ascolto prolungato, ma considerando la gratuità del lavoro, c'è davvero poco di cui lamentarsi! (Kathodik)

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